Setup Menus in Admin Panel

How registration works

We have set up a very simple registration and certification process for you.

Registration & Certification process

Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Register on the portal, you can activate the account via the code, which is sent to you by email .
  2. Go to the Webshop and add the selected course to the basket.
  3. Purchase the course by clicking on “Proceed to checkout” – if PayPal accepts your payment, the information is sent to our Webshop (WooCommerce) confirming the completion of the operation and WooCommerce automatically changes the status to completed and grants you access to your course.
  4. Complete the course by going through all of the modules and completing the exercises and tests.
  5. Your certificate will be generated automatically if you have achieved more than 70% from each individual module .

Certificate validation process

At our website, we have added the possibility of a certificate evaluation.

This gives the possibility to 3rd parties of checking, whether an issued certificate (i.e. to a future employer, language school, students), is correct and not a fake.

This security mechanism guarantees additional proof, that you have achieved your certificate in the appropriate way.

Just write the code shown on the certificate to the relevant field (“Enter Certificate code“) on the bottom of the website and click “validate“.

For any additional questions, please contact us directly.

Certificate Code