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Be Passionate About Teaching!

Comprehensive and engaging  TEFL training for everyone interested in living and working abroad.

The course modules have been written by a team of experts holding PhD degrees in teaching methodology as well as having vast practical experience in conducting classes with different age groups. The modules within the TEFL course will provide you with up-to-date knowledge as well as professional qualifications recognised in an international environment.

The TEFL online course consists of multifaceted modules accompanied with interactive tasks, video and audio material as well as ready-to-use classroom worksheets. After having completed the course and  the final test, you can print out your TEFL certificate. As you are offered in-depth TEFL training, the course is suitable for both aspiring as well as experienced teachers. What is more, the teaching qualifications are obtained in a highly flexible manner, at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

70 hours Teaching English as a Foreign Language course online

70 hours TEFL Course

100 hours Teaching English as a Foreign Language course and certificate online

100 hours TEFL Course

120 hours Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses and certificates online

120 hours TEFL Course

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